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About Us

About Hardwood Floors

When it comes to natural beauty and durability, wood is the material of choice for floors. In living room, dining rooms, family rooms, and more, wood flooring floors is both beautiful and practical. Affordable: Wood floors add value to your residence at resale time. They increase in value as your home does. Hardwood floor products are one of the most sought after hard surface flooring in remolding and new home construction.

Easy to Maintain: Routine maintenance is a little more than simple sweeping and vacuuming, always making sure your hardwood floors are protected from moisture and heavy wear which creates scratches. Preventive maintenance like area rugs, floor protectors (on all furniture on your hardwood floors), and routine maintenance with proper hardwood floor cleaner should always be exercised.

Ecological Sound: Unlike most floor coverings, wood floors come from a natural resource that is sustainable.

Healthy: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has said that indoor air quality is one of our top health threats. Installed in the home or elsewhere, wood floors help contribute to a healthy living environment. Hard surface flooring such as hardwood floors does not rap or harbor dust mites or molds. That creates better air quality for all inhabitants, but especially for the estimated 35 million Americans who suffer from allergies. The hard surface of wood floors also helps avoid artificial substances such as pesticides that can accumulate on some floor coverings. A recent EPA study found that pesticides used in gardens and homes accumulate on floors and other surfaces in the home, but that wood floors greatly reduce the accumulation of such toxins. Another concern for the home environment is the off-gassing of toxins that results from some synthetic materials. Any of these chemicals can make people in the home chronically ill.

About Us

American Hardwood Floors provide high quality flooring for Sacramento areas for many years. Our clients are very optimistic of our services and the outcome of the jobs. We specialize in sanding and refinishing, installation, repairs, and custom exotic hardwood floors and more. We pride ourselves on offering high quality hardwood flooring services as well as customer satisfaction. We bring years of experience to the table, and maintaining high standard of expertise, reliable work ethic, and beautiful floors. We are fully bonded and insured.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to offer nothing but the very best and it's reflected in our way of doing business. We exist because of our clients and we are very graceful to our clients who have made us what we are today. We now strive to take our organization to the next level so that we can continue to serve our clients and continue to keep them fully satisfied with our services. As an organization, we are fully committed to provide the best possible service at every point to all our clients. We are commit to not only meet out clients expectation but to far exceed their expection.